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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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will tell you where. >>james: today is going to be great. mostly clear this morning although it is cool as you head out the door. this afternoon will be touch warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. clear and cool as we had over night. tomorrow will be even warmer. >>george: a light and easy ride. no hot spots, delays or problems. like traffic westbound. it is a smooth commute whether you are in the east bay, south bay, and that's what were north bay. >>darya: california voters say no to a new cigarette tax. proposition 29 was voted down by a slim vote. this proposition would have levied a $1 tax on cigarettes. that what happened. proposition 28 looks like it is a yes. it reduces the turtle number of years and term limits for lawmakers.
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unlike current term limits, lawmakers would be able to serve the entire time in one chamber. >>mark: in the presidential primary the president took 100 percent of the presidential vote. on the republican side, mitt romney picked up 80 percent of the vote. ron paul to a 10%. senator dianne feinstein grab 39 percent of the vote for senate reelection. she will face off against republican elizabeth and kin in november. we will have complete election coverage, your local races and local measures, you can find them on our web sites. >>darya: pension reform is coming to san jose. voters decisively passed a measure that goes after with the city called generous worker pensions. the unions are not happy
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not have to pay the 16 percent more. retiree benefits yearly 3% increase. that is the cost of living adjustment, that is if there is a fiscal crisis declared by the city.
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if there is an increase in pension funds it will have to be approved by the voters. the mayor has tried to get the budget under control for years but that did not work. he said he had to push for an additional measure. right now, or try one-fifth of the city's general fund is going towards pensions. he says that is just too much. san diego also passed a pension reform measure. >>will: is most of the
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businesses and taxpayers paid more to when tested in humans who have paid to push it is. the unions it about 4 >>darya: the governor in wisconsin, scott walker was being recalled because of bargaining rights for most employees, he wanted to get rid of the collective bargaining rights but he gets to keep his job. he is the nation's first governor to ever survive a recall election. >>mark: sponsors for the ban
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on same-sex marriage is asking for the supreme court to review the judgment that made it unconstitutional. the california supreme court reviews -- refused to review the decision. even though supporters plan to ask the supreme court to take that case, the court is not required to do so. it is likely the issue will be picked up. >> this is a court that likes high-profile cases. this is an issue that has split the country. there is a serious split on this question. that is the kind of case the supreme court is attracted to. >> is the supreme court does not take the case, the ruling striking down proposition 8 will be the back into effect it same-sex marriages would be legal in california. that legal analysts also
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explained what would happen if the case is picked up. >> if the rule in favor, proposition 8 would go back into affect. if they rule against, the same result, same-sex marriage would then be legal. it would not require that it be authorized in every state, it will just give states the ability to authorize it if they want. you would imagine that very quickly, proponents of same- sex marriage to begin to attack the laws in states that prohibit it. in effect a ruling from the supreme court would legalize same-sex marriage across the country. >>mark: in order for the supreme court to thick of the case, four of the nine justices must agree to hear it. this final ruling could come down by june of next year.
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>>justine: i'm following bill it is on the jury sandusky trout abuse trial. tasters the ticket -- second day of jury selection. off potential the jurors have begun to show up.
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the selected jurors include a senior at the college, a professor who has taught for 37 years and a season-ticket holder. the other three main jurors and the alternates could be chosen as early as today. the trial will probably start on monday. i will be treating the latest information and updating once an hour on the kron4 morning is. >>darya: one of the top bosses and al-qaeda is dead. the u.s. has confirmed a drones strike killed al- qaeda second-in-command in pakistan.
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seniors to pull a prank. costs they change a live sheep to the poll as low as spray painting. the punishment was that the students were suspended for five days from school. yesterday morning the school district allowed the students to serve their suspension on campus and even take final exams today and tomorrow. they did say the students would not be able to walk a graduation in to take part in ceremonies.
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this afternoon, it will warm
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up nicely. we're looking for data will be touch were meeting yesterday. here is what temperatures should look like around noon.
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>>george: the metering lights are active at the bay bridge. we are not seeing any hot spots or cause for alarm. the bay bridge back up is already growing fairly quickly. we went from a nine minute drive time to a 12 minute drive time. here's a look at the golden gate. ride still looks good. easy traffic trimaran with no delays across the span. the presidio parkway is still moving pretty well. haas the 580 ride is a little slow in to livermore, but better than usual. so is the 680 ride southbound. in san jose hardly any salon for 101. it to 80 commute is minutes from downtown to cupertino.
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no delays year for the be sure commute. >>mark: ross mirkirimi turned over his phone records. that decision came down in the last 24 hours. the records will be used by the ethics commission to decide if he should be permanently removed from office. >>darya: in the letter
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written by joseph knees so titled the true story, he outlines why he thinks the media and prosecutors have the story wrong. he outlines why he is innocent and attempts to dismantle the case that is being billed against him. at one point he says prosecutors are spending millions snooping for fax because clear and convincing evidence is lacking. he also talks about the claims that he conned a woman into letting him take provocative pictures. sensual or erotic photography was always performed with knowledge and consent according to him. >> there is a narcissistic component, a grandiose component.
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>>darya: one handwriting expert suggests that mesa may be a confused individual. you can read the letters that he sent on our web site, >>mark: an attempted kidnapping at a salvation army. the child was grabbed in the store around me and started heading to the front door. the child's mother and witnesses try to take the child back eritrean see it fit dead. he was even true restraint is arrested. >>darya: it petaluma man is in custody after conducting a multimillion-dollar cause the scheme. police say he targeted mostly seniors and got $20 million from them. they expect to charge him with 167 felonies including grand theft, securities fraud and elder abuse. investigators are saying they do not believe those people will get their money back.
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>>mark: more than five victims are coming for after police arrested a physician's assistant. police arrested 35 year old sutton after a woman reported few had been insulted.
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the >>darya: of the super rich can afford the best of everything into the irs recently released stats from to the other nine. they looked at the numbers and they said the top 400 earners in the united states made an average of $202.4 million.
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>>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a live look from wall street as we wait for the opening bell. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>mark: the opening bell on wall street rings is a few moments ago. it looks like we may start
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to rebound on wall street. the dow jones of over 1200 points in the last laugh. he >>darya: and the president is on a tv campaign fund- raising sowing fear of the california fish he stars in today's visit to of on a consensus is so. this is the second time the president has been in the bay area. voters overwhelmingly approved cuts to retirement benefits for city workers this novel has 7 percent in favor of measures be. knesset's the states for a potentially lengthy legal talent. wisconsin's gov. scott walker survived a recall election now focusing on the message that lies ahead. he says it is time to put our differences aside and work together. he faces a state that is still divided over his will to end collective bargaining rights.
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>>james: sunshine in school. his ninth as the head outside the door. it is kris. we're looking for conditions to be slightly warmer. the rain will stay will to the dollar. if this weekend looks fantastic. a full with a year forecast coming up. >>george: a great writer of the area. we are not tracking any hot spot. a good-looking you for the ride on 680 in and out of walnut creek. >>darya: back to decision 2012, california voters say no to an extra dollar on cigarettes to pay for any
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tax. proposition 29 was voted down theory if proposition 28 was voted in limiting terms for state lawmakers. proposition 20 reduces term limits for 14-24 years. voters in san jose overwhelmingly approved cuts to retirement benefits for city workers. supporters call it a mandate that may lead to a similar ballot initiative in cities from the country's struggling with mounting pension obligations curious >>mark: the president is in the bay area for fund- raising events for his reelection campaign.
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jackie sissel is live in downtown san francisco. >>jackie: the president has frequent flier miles in the bay area for the second time in two weeks. he will be visiting the bay area, this time in downtown san francisco. he is expected to land around 11:45 p.m. or so. from there, he will head over to market street. he is having he closed sun reason given. after that he will androecium sf of all accounts for is to give care, about 275 guests will be there, each paying $5,000 a plea to have lunch with the president. this is his second time in two weeks. obviously, he believes he can collect a lot of the california. he is hoping, in four hours to collect about one plea $5 million.
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if you are in downtown said francisco later this afternoon of, parking will be in issue. obviously the motorcade will be here. there are no parking signs of around market street already and also on california street serious i do not know the president's route, they do not release that information that if you are is seriously go around 330 or so you should be definitely aware of the motorcade. >>justine: we are following the president here in the kron4 newsroom. these are live pictures from andrews air force base. the president is still on the helicopter. he is about to get off and on the air force one. south africa's advances the
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we know he is willing to los angeles mn to nevada for an event on thursday. these are live pictures into the kron4 news room. the president is on board and then will be getting on the air force one to come out to the west coast. >>darya: authorities are looking into whether or not someone hacked into the private e-mail account of mitt romney. a private web site says a hacker signed into his personal hot meal after correctly guessing the answer to his security question. once they have access, they got into his account and changed his password for. they also say that they were able to compromise is drop box account. the presidential campaign says this bridge is being investigated. the alameda county board of supervisors cannot agree on who to replace those female
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who stepped down in april amid a sex scandal and substance abuse allegations. their meeting supervisors have to decide if they are deadlocked 2-2. a majority has to agree on a replacement by june 19th. if they cannot, the governor will name a replacement. >>mark: pg&e will be conducting emergency league surveys on 180 segments of its natural gas pipeline system. here is video of the san burner gas explosion. according to officials, more than half of the pipe segments were found to have corrosion and one-third of those segments are here in the bay area. the pipeline macaws the gas explosion was one of the lions with corrosion problems. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. although it is deserted it is nice and quiet and very clear. we will be right back.
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>>mark: today marks the launch of the new internet protocol that assigns an idea dressed every device that connects to the agenda. the other one only have room for 4 billion ip addresses. there are some devices of mind that the internet has run out of ip addresses. the new protocol launching today fixes that. this has run for three under 40 trillion addresses. >>darya: tom lasorda is in the hospital with a mild heart attack. the 84 year-old hall of famer became ill on monday while he was in town to represent the club at the end of the draft. he could be returning home sometime today.
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>>mark: here is a live look outside as we watch conditions around the bay on this wednesday morning.
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>>mark: the dow is up 117th. >> there is more speculation towards the third quarter. >> we basically print money and buy our own debt. call maybe they will print more money and give it to the banks said they could lend it out. >>mark: if europe could do
6:46 am
that, with baby in this problem? >> they can't do that. he said they were been nothing in their keeping rates at 1 percent and allow politicians to figure out. in europe there are 17 politicians have an equal vote in trying to figure out how to fix their problems. >>mark: european news has sent the problems of lower. >>rob: the bond markets are ok. today, we saw australia come out saying that their dp is it better than expected. the united states, we are adding jobs, not as many as we want. warren buffett is great. he says the odds of a recession are very small in the united states unless something crazy happens.
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i trust him more than address the wall street journal. >>mark: are you going to bid to have lunch with him? it is $25,000 right now on the bay. it went for $2 million the last couple of years. >> i would love to do lunch with him but i do not have that kind of money. >>mark: they for joining us. the dow is up over 100 right now. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather right now. it looks really center around the bay. >>james: here is a look from walnut creek sewing as sunny conditions. here's how they will play out. mostly clear conditions, '50's and '40's. it is a little bit cool but i do not worry, we will make up for this afternoon. warmer today over yesterday with temperatures getting into the upper 80s. this evening, clear in school as we head over night. that is the way they will
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play out from start to finish three temperatures are on the cool side. here is a look at your current temperatures. look at all of the forties in the east bay. it is chilly. this afternoon, here is a look a your expected highs. >>james: that is the way the afternoon will be, really nice. over the next seven days, you will notice that we will warm up on thursday but that friday we will pull back just a touch. it will still be comfortable and we will bounce back in time to begin a series of weekend weather looks al knew the warming trend will take as well into next week. >>george: the commute is shaping up pretty nicely. we have not tracked in the hot spots and we have none currently. at the bay bridge toll plaza
6:49 am
the back of has grown a bit. it is still not a bad ride theory concede the end of the backup in the the 880 is not backed up at all. to the east shore freeway is a problem free. on the san mateo bridge there are no problems reported. here's a look at the golden gate. very light. the presidio park which is not a problem although it is sluggish at the signal light at the doe will drive by past. as to picket the traffic maps, we will take a look at the ride in the east bay. of the interstate 80, a lot of the slow heading into san pablo and concord. 7580 ride is heavier out of livermore and a little sluggish approaching castro valley. as the south bay freeways, there is the first slowing we have noticed.
6:50 am
for the mid peninsula ride, no delays pass highway 84. remember, the president will be in san francisco later this morning. you are likely to encounter some traffic delays while driving through the city between 11:00 a.m.-3 tmz area >>mark: a group of sonoma county residents filing a lawsuit to stop fact construction of an indian casino. this is where the casino would be sold. the u.s. interior department is now reviewing the lawsuit and they have until july to make a decision. legal experts say if the lawsuit could cause delays the most likely lots of the casino from being built. >>darya: one man was killed and another man injured, officers responded to a shot spotter activase and in the 4600 blocks of over and avenue around 5:00 p.m. last night. they got there and found three men have been shot. a red vehicle was seen leaving the scene of the
6:51 am
accident but they have not given a description anymore and that's the map. >>mark: a new facebook at the case will help you put your face on facebook in real time. >>gabe: remember the guy that just in timberlands late in the social network movie? the real lives silicon valley entrepreneur who invented them start and was an early believer and investor in facebook? john parker has been working on a much does about fabrication called air time. it is now public in the anyone can use it for free. it is a real-time video chat network that integrates flight lead with facebook. it is web based. you do not have to download a separate application. fleeting get started immediately without such as theft. most importantly it relies on facebook social information about you. it is connected to identities people are already using online. one of its primary missions is to help people sure
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things those with three video chat, things they would otherwise send a message or a link for. for example if you want to show your friends a video, you complete at video on a third screen in air time and both of you to watch at the same time. airtime wants to help you make new friends. it leverage your facebook account to go your interest and connect you buy video chat with people who do -- people that you do and do not know. it will instantly start searching for people that you know or do not know, that are nearby, have common interests or our friends of friends. at any time you can narrow the search by adjusting the settings. he would like to try it, visit airtime and click the launch button. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. everything is pretty clear. a lot of sunshine. we will be right back.
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portsmouth >>erica: i am following the top turning stories on the web this morning. fifth our position in a battle goes to washington. proposition of california and ban on same-sex marriage are now planning on asking the u.s. supreme court to review the decision and deemed proposition 8 unconstitutional. are you having coffee right now? have another. it could help your memory. new research out of florida shows having high levels of caffeine in your blood offers some protection against the onset of alzheimer's. he suggested drinking as many as 3 c. of coffee a day. singer-songwriter sheryl crow reveals that she has a brain tumor. if she has a short fans that is not cancerous incest she will need any surgery. if he wants to discover what is fronting on the internet visit the facebook page. >>darya: if you are busy planning summer vacation, get ready to pay more to stay in a hotel.
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a report shows hotel rates in the west went up by more than 7 percent over the last year. that means if a hotel normally goes for 150 a night you can expect to be both the $10 more. it's a bright point with hotels reporting more guest bookings in the deals being offered, signs that the hotel industry is recovering from recession. >>mark: here is a live look outside on this wednesday morning. a beautiful view of the loan from the mt. tam cam. will be right back. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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